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  1. Introduction to PCF Popups

    I like what PowerApps Component Framework allows you to do - possibility is almost limitless. However, as it is in preview not all features are documented or have a proper example. In this article, you will find an example of how to work with Popup possibilities of PCF.

  2. PowerApps Portals tracking using Azure Application Insights

    Last week I received a request - enable simple analytic functionality for PowerApps Portal like last login details and page views. To be honest I thought that it can be done easily inside the portal itself as I clearly remember reading something like that. And to my surprise, it is not possible to do something like that anymore - all of those features were deprecated. So how can we track all that necessary data? Azure Application Insights to the rescue.

  3. PowerWheel Ep2 - Virtual Agent and AI Builder

    AI Builder is one of my favourite announcements in June. It brings the power of AI technology to all users. Just in a few clicks, you can build and train complex AI model and then later use it in your application. Just as easy with new Virtual Agent you can setup bot that can leverage really complicated scenarios. And next thing what we should do is obvious - we need to integrate them!

  4. Using Adaptive Cards in PCF

    In PowerApps Community forum there was the section with new ideas and exploration for new PCF controls. And one particular caught my eye - Adaptive Cards.