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  1. Introduction to PCF DataSet component

    I build a couple of PCF components before, but all of them were field type components. There was however one type that I didn’t touch before - dataset component. I spend some time trying to come up with a good idea and then I got it - I need to build a Tag Cloud. You can see a small demo of how it looks below. And you can download the component itself here. In this article, I will try to share with you what I learn building dataset component. I hope it will help you to create yours easier.

  2. Impersonate users in D365

    One of the features that we always wanted was to be able to impersonate some user to troubleshoot their issue much easier. And you know what? There is a way.

  3. PCF component in Canvas App setting

    Today doing some changes in new Admin Portal I found an option that I was waiting for - enable PowerApps component framework for canvas apps (well unfortunately not fully, but more about this later). To do so you need to go to Settings > Features > PowerApps component framework for canvas apps.