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  1. Deployment Slots for Azure Functions

    There are a lot of different ways to integrate Dynamics with different systems - Flow, KingswaySoft SSIS, Scribe, Azure Functions, etc. All of them can suit a different kind of scenarios and might be not applicable to others. For one of our integrations, we are using Azure Functions. It is a simple API that can be used by 3rd party systems. Last week I got a task - provide an API for the testing purpose that should be connected to our dev Dynamics instance. And that API should be the same as we already have. After some searching, I found an answer - Azure Deployment Slots.

  2. Things I learned building my first PCF control

    In April Microsoft made PowerApps Control Framework available for public preview. It was great news for me as a developer. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start playing with it back then. So week ago when I had some spare time I decided to check what this framework can offer.

  3. Simple chat window for VA on D365 Portals

    Microsoft just released Virtual Agent for Dynamics 365 in public preview. So my task was to check out what is it and how we can use it. And to be honest it is quite cool and easy to use. Therefore, I created my chatbot and tested it - everything works great! Next thing to do was to deploy it and we are ready to present simple POC on a Portal. Just copy code from Deploy page and we are ready to go, right? No, unfortunately not. As for now link to a chatbot is just an iframe and will not render as simple chat window with open/close button on your website. So I have built small chat window for POC. You can see how it looks in a small video down below. I will share my code and step by step guide how to create one. So let’s start.