List of little known PowerApps Portal Site Settings and Content Snippets

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Site Settings and Content Snippets are good friends of Portal developers. They allow to configure and reuse a lot of different functionality. However, there is a lot of useful settings and snippets that aren’t described in the documentation. Because Portal has a long history some of the settings & snippets that are available in different articles doesn’t work anymore. That’s why I decided to create a list of working, useful and less known setting and snippets that can be easily updated and maintained by different users. Do you know an interesting and useful setting/snippet? Contribute to the list and help other developers!

You can find a full list in this Github Repository.

Below you can find a few examples from the list:

Site Settings

  • Portal/Lookup/Modal/Grid/PageSize - controls page size for lookup modal grids (Default: “10”)

Content Snippets

  • Head/Bottom - allows to add content to the end of the head tag (useful for setting metadata, etc)
  • Portal/Lookup/Modal/Grid/Search/PlaceholderText - text for lookup modal search placeholder (Default: “Search”). Applies to all lookup modals
  • Portal/Lookup/Modal/Grid/Search/TooltipText - text for lookup modal search tooltip (Default: “To search on partial text, use the asterisk (*) wildcard character”). Applies to all lookup modals